Learn how your family can be ready for the spring season. Some of the best ways to conserve energy and keep your home safe from allergies and dust.

Warmer weather, flowers blooming, and sunnier skies, Spring! The changing of the seasons is always exciting but it also means we have to be ready to welcome it. Continue reading to see the best methods to protect your home this season.

Spring season includes:

  • Allergies
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Moisture

New Screens

A new set of quality screens allow air flow without debris. There are recent innovations in the screen industry to help with this exact problem. Pollentec has a screen that reduces dust, allergies, and dirt from entering homes. Need one that fits the size of your window or doors? Timberline offers this product and a screen replacement service, allowing you to enjoy the new spring weather!

Reduce the Dust

There are items in your home where dust, mold, and allergens thrive. This includes fabrics, carpeting, dirty ventilation fans, or mold on pipes. Some rooms such as the bathrooms or mudrooms are likely to see more of this. To combat this, giving everything a good wash with a nontoxic cleaning solution.

Upgrade Windows

Winter can be tough on homes, check your windows to see if there was any harm done. Some windows may need to be recaulked after a rougher season, this can be an easy at home fix. If you notice condensation between the layers of glass, you may need to replace the window itself or the sash. Find a window supplier such as Timberline who offers durable brands and an easy installation process. Hiring a professional saves you the headache.

Clean those gutters

You will want to make sure to clear out your gutters to allow water flow. When approaching this task be sure to prioritize safety. With gloves, try your best to remove debris with your hands. From there, take a hose and run water through. Be sure to check that your downspout channel is about five feet from any of your foundation walls.

From everyone here at Timberline we wish you a safe and healthy Spring season! #spring #ak #alaska #allergy #dust

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