The Timberline Team is dedicated to providing personalized customer care, backed by over 40 years experience and knowledge in the industry.  Providing customers with trusted, professional service throughout your purchase, installation, and final inspection.

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Remodeling or building a home, cabin, rental unit, shop, or she-shed is no small task.  In fact, there are lists of products and services to secure along the way.  You can count on our team’s robust product knowledge base, but equally as important the project process.  The delivery of our services is designed from a customer perspective.  

The customer experience matters from the time windows and doors are measured, designed, ordered, and installed.  Our services include:

Measuring Your Windows and Doors

Free Estimates for Windows & Doors

Free Estimates for Installation

Professional Window & Door Installers

Custom Built Doors Onsite to Save Time & Meet Your Budget


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to replace my windows or can I repair them?

In some instances homeowners can repair their windows, saving time and money.  If the homeowner is facing any of the following issues, it may be time to replace your windows: fog or condensation in between glass panes, prevalent rot, current windows are single pane glass, window hardware is broken and no longer manufactured, or you can feel airflow through the window.

I have a standard size door that needs to be replaced.  Do you have that size available?

We get this question quite frequently.  Let’s start by saying there is no standard size door.  Take a walk around your house or apartment and compare your doors and you will see they come in a variety of sizes, textures, colors, and durability.  The great part, is we do have several options on-hand or we can order a door to match your style. Check out our Run To Match option for your interior door solutions.

Can my windows and exterior doors only be installed in the summer? 

Considering Alaska’s natural elements, this is an important question to ask as you prioritize home renovations.  The improved technology of windows and doors AND the products used to install them (sealants, insulation, frame) allow for windows and doors to be installed during warm and cooler days.  Many times our installers are in the field March – December, installing windows and doors.  It is critical to consider outside temperature when installing windows and doors to ensure proper and long-lasting energy efficiency for your home.

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