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Create a fresh, new look to your entry way with a new exterior door. 

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Deliver high quality, long-lasting products to keep your home safe, energy efficient, and beautiful. 


Timberline Doors and Windows


Low Maintenance & High Insulation

Fiberglass doors are two large molded skins with a polyurethane foam core between the skins. The fiberglass sheets, along with the foam core, do not absorb moisture and therefore eliminate the rotting, warping, peeling, and bubbling that can affect other exterior doors. You can find fiberglass doors in either a smooth finish or grain textured.


High Tolerance to Weather Conditions

Energy efficient and durable, steel doors provide a secure, low maintenance door.  Steel doors can be painted to suit your style, making them a good option for an entry door or home-to-garage doorway.


Blend of Tradition and Technology

Wood doors are made with stile and rail components, and natural wood.  Wood is a living organism which requires care and attention to last for many years.  The beauty of natural wood can showcase and enhance the beauty of your home.

Custom Design & Built by Timberline

Makes It Yours

Custom door design and building is one of our specialties at Timberline.  The artistry behind our craftsmanship is inspired by your, built by us. Work with our team to build a unique and one-of-a-kind entryway reflecting your style.

Don’t Forget the Hardware & Decorative Glass

Showcase your style with an inviting and safe entrance.  Explore multi-point locking systems and decorative glass to personalize your exterior door.


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