Your home should be a sanctuary where you feel safe and don’t need to worry about unwanted people or pests entering. This post will focus on helpful tips to keep your house secure and hopefully fill you with comfort knowing you have done what you can to keep yourself safe.

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Sturdy equipment

Home security begins by taking an honest look at your entrances. Pay attention to any weak points and upgrade where necessary. There are plenty of new safety features available today to solve these issues. Larson Doors has a fantastic selection of Security doors that are created in an intentional method. Their features include laminated security glass, steel core, and multiple lock options. Plus they have stylish options so your home’s beauty doesn’t take a hit. 

A strong lock system can make a massive difference as well. Securing your entry  is one of the first areas to improve on. A flimsy, unreliable lock can be easy to break through with the right equipment. The Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking System offers sturdy locksets that can lock at multiple points on the door, smart deadbolt alignment to keep the door straight, and an I-Beam lock construction that strengthens the door panel.


Lights, camera, no action!

Burglars want to avoid getting caught, so a house that looks too difficult to enter isn’t worth their time. Send the signal your home is set-up for protection by installing exterior motion sensing lights, and interior lights with timers. Having a friend stop by to check on things can be helpful too, but a well lit home provides a greater sense of security. 

Speaking of security, install security cameras. Security camera technology continues to evolve, providing home-owners with several options to accommodate a specific look on a budget.  New apps and software platforms provide live stream footage directly to your mobile device, so you have access at any given moment. Even setting up fake cameras can be useful – but then you miss a chance to see Alaska’s wildlife sneak by your home.

Get to know your neighbors

Not only can neighbors be a source for a cup of sugar when you run out, they can also be an extra set of eyes on your home.  Whether you are home or away for vacation, a community of friends and neighbors know when something isn’t quite “right” and will feel comfortable communicating with you.

Hide and seek

We’ve all done it – hidden the house key under a flower pot on the porch or under the doormat, just in case we get locked out or need our neighbor to feed our pets when we decide on a last minute fishing trip.  Don’t do it!  Intruders will look in the same logical spots in order to gain easy access to your house.  

Again, technology can help!  Invest in a keyless entry system, or even an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.  Remember that neighbor who is now your good friend? They would be happy to be your key keeper.

Hello the feeling of comfort and safety, goodbye fear!

Ultimately, the key to home security is vigilance in using your safety measures.  Create a morning and nightly routine of locking entry points, and stay alert to your surroundings. We hope these recommendations provided some useful knowledge, peace of mind, and help eliminate the temptation for a home invasion. Stay safe and let us know if you implement any of these tips!

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