Today marks the beginning of fall in Alaska, but the color changes started weeks ago. Maybe this year fall is a season, not a transition from summer to winter? 

It seems we at Timberline aren’t the only ones trying to squeeze in the last bit of pre-snowfall activities.  Between the honey-do-list and the adventure checklist, both with remaining items, it feels like the clock just started ticking faster.  Don’t worry, it didn’t!

Each September we field calls of a similar topic, “How much longer can you install windows”?

It’s an important question to ask, and you might be glad you did.  The short answer is, we can install windows in temperatures down to 10°F/-12℃.  The complete answer is a bit more complex, so let’s break it down.

Window installation comes after you have selected the best windows to fit your needs and budget!  Research your year round weather and energy bills to help you better understand what type of window is best for your home. This helps to ensure come installation day, you are thrilled with your finished honey-do project.

Window Frame & Glass Selection

Do you still have aluminum windows in your home?  Or (gasp) single pane windows?  If you Google “Energy Efficient Windows”, you will find a litany of articles with talking points on window design and glass options for ultimate energy efficiency.  Windows are a long-term investment, so right now you are thinking about how much more time you have to install windows, don’t forget about how long they will be part of your home.

When looking for new windows, consider the available materials for the window frame. Wood, fiberglass, and multi-chambered vinyl frames each have insulating properties.

Don’t underestimate the glass options. Dual-pane windows are highly recommended, especially in Alaska, but triple-pane windows provide improved energy efficiency and noise reduction.  

Maximize the Power of Your Window & Glass

Consider the layout of your home when selecting windows. Think about airflow and ventilation, when selecting the function of your windows.  Would sliders work better than a picture window? Does the glass need to be obscured to reduce visibility into a room?  

The multi-pane windows have thermal properties that can keep the heat in when it’s cold, and heat out when it’s hot.  Think of all the south facing windows and all those UV rays – block them before they fade your sofa.  There are different Low-E (low-emissivity) glass options for your windows, combined with UV ratings, you can gain a better understanding of how to create a more energy efficient home.

And now……

The Installation Process 

Replacement windows, new windows that are the same size as your current windows, are a fairly quick installation.  The old window comes out, the new window is placed in the same opening and voila – you have a new window.  Ok, so there is a bit more to the process, but the point being the amount of time without a window installed is rather short.  Should the installation require some necessary adjustments, to fit a custom window, the process can still move quickly. 

Timberline’s professional window installers use OSI Products, most up-to-date window flashing, and construction materials to ensure a proper window installation. Remember, it isn’t just about when windows are installed – it’s a high-quality installation that matters. 

Therefore, whether the mosquitoes are flocking or snow flying, the replacement process doesn’t let much of the outdoors in.  Which is one reason windows can be installed about 9 months out of the year. 

It’s not too late to give us a call to talk about window options and installation this year.  Then you can mark one more item off your honey-do-list.


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