An entryway to your home is the first thing people see and sets the tone for their visiting experience. Create one that is welcoming, comfortable, and reflects you. This post shares some resources and tips to make an inviting entry space to your home.

First, your door. There are so many different options available and with such a large commitment, it can be intimidating to make that change. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources. Simpson Door has online tools to help guide the process of selecting a door. For those who want an entrance that reflects who you are, take the Find Your Perfect Match quiz. Fill out some questions pertaining to you and they will calculate which collection of doors fit with your personality. This is a unique, fun way to find a design that works with you.

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Maybe you found a door that you love but, aren’t sure it works with your house colors. Simpson Door has an exciting feature called Test Drive a Door. Simply upload a photo of your exterior entry, select a door to load from their collection, size it to fit, and wallah! You can now visualize how it would look. Once you have found the correct door, it is time to install. Timberline Doors and Windows in Alaska installs Simpson Door products, just find a design you like and give us a call. 

Secondly, added features. Consider these the sprinkles on top. A welcoming entryway can’t be bare, that doesn’t mean go overboard with decorations. Add just enough for a sophisticated, simple, personalized front. Begin with adding plants to give a natural, colorful look. Updating your address numbers can be a little change with a big impact. Include some cozy furniture pieces to give a relaxing, comfortable vibe.

Depending on budget, make a statement with some luxurious lighting. Matching sconces or an added lantern can take your entry to the next level. For even more bling, coordinate it with your existing hardware or address numbers.

Lastly, make it your own! Nothing makes a home stand out more than when you can tell someone put time and energy into making it their own. Give the feeling of comfort without losing your personalization. #ak #alaska #timberline #door #simpsondoors #simpson #decor #entry #decoration 

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Take a quiz to find a perfect match with the Simpson door quiz.

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